At Camping Orange Valley there are many activities for adults and children. The children’s activities are located around the reception. We have a few lovely seats there so that parents can keep a close eye on the kids. This is also close to the toilet block.

If you want a little more peace and quiet, you can choose a quiet spot on the site yourself. The terrain is 30,000 m2, so a quiet place can always be found. Maybe at the orchard? Pick your own pears. Or at the very top of the grounds enjoying the beautiful view in the sun? Or nice and cool in the bush. What you want!


A walking route of 3.5 km has been set out around the campsite with a difference in height of just over 100 metres. This route passes through the vineyards of Ville Maioresei, producer of Serenum wines.

Biking at Glamping Orange Valley 500 500


The hills of the Dealu Mare are very nice for cycling. If you want to explore the area with an expert, we can arrange a guide who has lived in this area all his life. It is 250 RON for a 30-40 km ride. Please book the guide in advance so we can make sure it is available.


There is a football field right next to the entrance of the campsite. The field is 50 by 100 meters, dimensions for 11 against and 11 with matching football goals. The team of the village of Calugareni plays its league matches here, so there is sometimes a match on Sunday and a training session during the week in the evening. At other times, camping guests can play football here.


There are 2 swings for children to swing on, a rope for climbing and a slide. A wonderful place to climb and scramble. Great for kids from 3 to 14 years old. If you come with a younger child, we also have a special swing for small children.


There is a fire pit to get together in the evening or to have a small BBQ.

Central Building Camping Orange Valley 500 500


Good WiFi and sockets are available in the central building. Working remotely? Play a game or maybe watch a movie? Everything is possible.

Sandpit Glamping Orange Valley 500 500


Can your child play for hours in the sandbox? That’s nice. At the reception there is a sandbox with toys to play in the sand. There are benches to sit on.

Mudvolcano near Glamping Orange Valley 1 vierkant 500


There is much to do in the area. For example the mud volcanoes and the salt mine.