Are you searching for campsites around Bucharest? Would you like to visit Bucharest in combination with camping? You can. Romania has a long camping tradition and many Romanians love to be outdoors. Wild camping is especially popular among Romanians. Bucharest is a very hectic and busy city. If you want to go into the city with a camper, I would also advise you not to do this during rush hour.


There is currently 1 campsite located on the outskirts of the city. That is camping Belvedere.  This one has reasonable reviews. Camping Casa Alba was also a very nice campsite in the woods, but it has been closed since 2020.

If you still want to enjoy the tranquility of a campsite and also visit the capital of Romania, you can stay at our campsite. Glamping & Camping Orange Valley is only 80 km from Bucharest.

Highlights Bucharest

The highlights of Bucharest are definitely the People’s Palace, the largest building in Europe and Ceausescu’s house. Which takes you back to the time of communism, but which doesn’t feel that long ago if you look at some of the items that are still in the house . There are also many parks in the city to find peace and quiet. A city walk with free city tours is also very worthwhile, they also tell a lot about the history of the city. Another great outdoor activity in Bucharest is the village museum with many old Romanian houses. This is located in the Park of Mihai I, popularly known as the Herastrau Park.

The Village museum is a 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from the campsite. So it is great for a day activity.