You will find the mud volcanoes at less than a 1.5 hour drive from Camping Orange Valley. Perfect for a day out. The route to the Volcanoes in Pâclele is a beautiful drive through the rolling countryside of Dealu Mare.

The Mud Volcanos are the top attraction in the province of Buzau. The volcanoes have arisen because mud and gas come up through cracks. There is also a lot of drilling for gas in the area. You can visit the mud volcanoes from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It is a very open area with little shelter. So don’t do this at the hottest time of day or with icy wind storms (like we did the first time). The route is well marked in the area, you can drive there in no time. There are parking spaces directly in front of the entrance and also a little further. There is also a restaurant nearby with typical Romanian dishes for Romanian prices. The entrance is also a few euros. The volcanoes are constantly changing shape and you can get very close. But be sensible and keep your distance. Also keep children close to you, because it is beautiful to see but can also be dangerous. So watch out. This activity is fun for half an hour to an hour, so it can be combined with another activity.

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