We get this question very often ๐Ÿ™‚. Why did Dutch people start a campsite in a wine region in Romania?

Motorhome around Romania
5 years ago we moved to Romania. The first summer we rented a campervan to discover the country. Here are 2 videos(in Dutch) from those trips.



As wine lovers, we naturally also ended up in the Dealu Mare. A beautiful wine region known for its red wines, made with the Romanian grape Feteasca Neagra. However, there was no camping in this area. And after this holiday, a local also told us that there was quite a bit of land for sale in this area. So we went looking for a piece of land. We started on the Romanian marketplace. OLX.ro, and there were some interesting pieces of land there. But as is the case in a smaller village and certainly in Romania, you actually have to go to the mayor. When I asked the mayor for another piece of land about possibilities to make a campsite there and develop a road, he told me that there was another piece of land for sale. When we looked at that, it turned out to be much better for a campsite.

Purchase and construction
In the meantime, Corona came up and it turned out to be a bit more difficult to buy the land in terms of documents, but in July 2020 we owned a beautiful hilly piece of land in the Dealu Mare. We started by measuring the ground, building a fence, installing electricity and applying for building permits. In the summer of 2021 we could really start building. We were lucky enough to work with a lot of local people. The architect came from Ploiesti, where we also had to make all the requests. And the contractor from Calugareni, the larger municipality next to the campsite.

We were able to open the campsite in July 2022, we started with a test weekend with 5 guests. Soon after that we set up 3 Glamping Tents, and within 24 hours we had the first reservation. It’s been a party ever since. It was my dream to run a campsite and it has come true.

In the spring of 2023 we expanded the campsite with a shelter and this summer we even have 5 Glamping tents. We can receive more and more guests and enjoy it every day!