The camping is closed. With winter approaching, we close the campsite. A lot of snow is expected in the near future. And camping in the snow is fun, but Camping Orange Valley is not (yet) suitable for that. 


Guests in 2023

We have had a very good season. With many guests! The largest group were people who live in Bucharest and like to spend a weekend in the fresh air. Many other people make a nice tour through Eastern Europe or sometimes a nice tour alone through Romania. And Romania is a really good country for that. Romania is a wonderful holiday country to travel around with a camper or caravan.


Tour Romania

We have had many guests who have been to Maramures in the north of Romania and enjoyed the beautiful nature there. Other guests have spent a lot of time on the coast or experiencing the beauty of the Danube Delta. Many motorcyclists have ridden the beautiful roads of the Transfagarasan or visited Bran Castle. At Camping Orange Valley, wine tasting, walking, cycling or doing nothing at all were the favorite activities.



In 2023 we welcomed a record number of different nationalities. Last summer we had visitors from: Canada, Romania, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Estonia and Bulgaria.


Open in 2024

We hope to open again at the end of May. This depends on the weather conditions. If you are planning a trip with a camper or caravan to Romania in 2024 and would like to stay at Camping Orange Valley earlier, please send us an email and we will discuss the possibilities.


Planning a trip

If you are looking for other campsites, here is a list of Dutch campsites. We can also recommend other campsites in Romania. For example in the Danube Delta. If you are planning a trip in Romania and would like some more information, feel free to contact us.