Around Camping Orange Valley there are many sightseeing activities to visite during your stay. You could visit vineyards in the area, the stone church in Năeni, the Mudvulcano’s of Pâclele or the Saltmine in Salinic. All within 80 minutes from the Camping Orange Valley. 

Wine Tasting around Glamping Orange Valley Licorna tasting room 500 500

Wine tasting

The Dealu Mare area is known for its red wines. The closes winery is Mierla Alba, just 6 minutes away. Also wineries like Budureasca, Tohani, Licorna and Velvet are nearby. All within Biking distance, which is a great trip to make during your stay. 

Naeni stone Church 500 500 Sight Glamping Orange Valley

Stone church of Naeni

The stone church of Naeni is just 35 minutes by car. The church is decorated with gold. You have a beautiful view over the Dealu Mare and on a clear day you could even see Bucharest. It’s also a great area for a walk. 

Mudvolcano near Glamping Orange Valley 1 vierkant 500


80 minutes by car from the camping you can find Buzau’s most attractive hot spot. The Mud volcano’s.  Here you can find more information 

Salina Slanic bord

Saltmine of Salinic

On a warm day the Saltmine of Salinic is a great activity. Because in the Saltmine it is cold, and it is really big with many activities. You will be entertained for a few hours. It’s about a 75 minute drive from the camping. See more information.