Camping Orange Valley in Romania is for sale. A beautiful, new, successful campsite. The current owners are from the Netherlands, have lived in Romania for 5 years and are now moving to Belgium for work of one of the owners, so they are looking for a new owner for this fantastic campsite with a lot of growth potential. 

Campsite ground

The campsite has 3.5 hectares. That is 35,000 m2. Approximately 1 hectare, 10,000 m2 is now used for the campsite. 16 camping spots have now been created. The campsite is spacious, so people quickly have a feeling of privacy, and only the necessary grass is mowed. This creates a wonderfully natural feeling. There is also space to set up 5 glamping tents on concrete platforms. This was a major source of income for the campsite last year. An asphalt road runs to the beginning of the campsite, so the campsite is easily accessible for guests. The campsite is located halfway up a hill, so the view is beautiful. It is also a very quiet area.


The campsite has a shelter with a minimal kitchen and picnic tables as facilities for guests. This is common in Romania and offers guests a nice place next to their own camping spot. This building was built in 2023. There is also a round toilet block, with 2 toilets, 2 hot and cold water showers, a room with bidet and sink, and 2 sinks for dishes and any clothes to wash. Guests can also use a washing machine. On the website are some pictures of this building. This building was built in 2022. So little maintenance is required on these 2 new buildings. There are no other old buildings. There is still a garage for some storage and, for example, the lawn mower. For children there are swings and a slide, and the adjacent football field can also be used. Every 2 weeks the local football team also plays its matches here on Sundays, which also provides extra entertainment.


The campsite is 80 km from Bucharest and is located in the area “Dealu Mare” the big hill. This area is known for its wines, especially red wines. There are several wineries nearby that hold tastings. The area is also frequented by cyclists who climb the challenging hills. A versatile area.


In the summer of 2023, 4 times more guests came to the campsite than the year before. So there is enormous potential growth in this campsite. Especially because there is still a lot of space. There is an area where you can still build more buildings and up the hill it is not allowed to build big buildings, but this could be good for extra tents or small wooden cabins. Several times no more bookings could be accepted because the campsite was full, so there is potential to grow this campsite when bought. The largest groups of visitors are  from Romania, most live in Bucharest and want to enjoy the outdoors, and Germans who visit Romania by minivans are also a big group of guests. The campsite is well rated by visitors. The campsite has a 4.8 on Google Reviews and the campsite is rated 4.87 on Park4Night. It is not necessary to speak Romanian, because the Romanian visitors all speak English. But if you have to arrange things with the municipality or utility companies, you must be able to speak Romanian or find someone to translate for you.


We can negotiate the price, so make a good offer and it could be yours. You can also try it for a summer as an administrator. If you are interested, please contact or 0031620008228.