There are 3 good and tasty restaurants around the Glamping, all 3 with a completely different atmosphere. 2 are within cycling distance and the third is definitely worth going by car.

Crama de Piatra

Crama de Piatra is 5 km from Glamping & Camping Orange Valley, and if you fancy a walk you can walk there in an hour. They have a lovely terrace and also a large space inside. Crama is Romanian for winery, so they make their own wine. The restaurant also has a wine cellar, and if you ask about it you can usually get a tour. The menu in this restaurant is a combination of Western and Romanian, there is actually something for everyone. The website has the current menu.

Ferma Dailor

Ferma means farm, and at Ferma Dacilor they really radiate that. The pig turns on a spit and you can order really typical Romanian dishes. In the weekends it can be super busy here with Romanians from Bucharest who come here for lunch. There are often also very luxurious cars in the parking lot, so that is already an attraction in itself. Horse riding is great activity to do here. Ferma Dacilor is 6 km from the campsite and a lot higher. It’s a wonderful bike ride up.

Casa Boierului din Deal

Casa Boierului is most in line with a Western experience of service. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The menu has plenty of different dishes and also vegetarian options. It is a wonderful place to stay. It is a bit further from Glamping & Camping Orange Valley, so it is advisable to go here by car. Direction and reviews can be find on Google Maps

For all restaurants, it is wise to make a reservation during the weekend.