New edition Zaiafet Wine Race


The new edition of the Zaiafet wine race is announced. The 2023 Zaiafet wine race will be on 29 july. The wine race will be held in Romania, in the Dealu Mare area. One of the most famous wine areas of Romania and only 80 km from the capital Bucharest. 



The Zaiafet wine race has a 3 day program, with a running event, a mountain bike event and a kids event. Combined with wine, food and party. The event starts Friday from 16:00 when you can arrive at Ferma Dacilor. The activities are on Saturday. The running race starts at 9:00, the MTB at 12:00 and the kids run at 16:00. Between 17:00 and 21:00 the wine tasting with Zaiafet wines is being held. 



The running race is 14,5 km long and has an elevation of 590 m. It starts at 9:00 and you could take 3 hours to finish. More information about supporting points can be found hereIf this is a bit too much for you there is also a shorter version of 6,8 km.For the MTB race there are also 2 routes. A long one of 31,1 km and the short one of 15,6 km. The long route is two rounds of the little one. 


If you register for the event before the end of March a ticket costs 130 Lei. The registration includes the sport activity that you choose, a wine glass and food on the Saturday. afternoon. 


The Zaiafet race takes it name from the Zaiafet wines. These wines are made by Velvet Winery from the Dealu Mare. Zaiafet wine comes in a white, rose and a red. On the Saturday between 17:00 and 21:00 you can try them all. The rose is a favorite on wine tasting form the Dutch Wine Diva.

Glamping & Camping Orange Valley

You could stay over at Ferma Dacilor during the event where the party also is. If you want to stay over at a quiet outdoor place you could also book a Glamping tent at Glamping and Camping Orange Valley. 

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