The Salina Slanic Salt Mine is an hour and 10 minutes’ drive from Camping Orange Valley. The province of Prahova has beautiful sights such as the town of Ploiesti, Bellu Mansion, and the vineyards of the Dealu Mare. But nothing is as impressive as the Salina Salt Mine. And you will be surprised how big it is and what you can do there. Miniature golf is one of the things you can do there.

At the entrance is a large parking area with the usual Romanian tourist booths where you can buy traditional Romanian clothes or kitchen utensils. And of course some snacks. Make sure you don’t go too late in the day as it closes at 4:30pm. On weekdays and in the low season even at 3:30 pm.

This is an ideal activity to do in the summer when it is super hot, because it is nice and fresh in the salt mine. So be sure to bring warm clothes. You can enjoy yourself here for a few hours. Also bring swimwear, because there are also a few hot springs nearby where you can swim. As usual, parking is a drama at these types of venues. So first take a good look at where you want to go. Link: